Tele-Mental Health

Teenage girl receiving tele-mental health counseling

Tele-Counseling can be via phone or video conference. This experience offers those clients who do not desire to travel to the office to have the same services as if they came in person. Clients are contacted at the agreed upon scheduled time and engage in an individual or couple session for 45-50 Minutes. Most insurances are accepted. The client and the therapist will discuss if Tele-Counseling is a good fit during the initial session.

Clients who usually opt for Tele-Counseling include individuals who are immobile, individuals who desire an experience in the comfort of their space and individuals who are out of the metro area. Studies have found that more than half of the clients (58%) who had experienced both in-person and phone counseling preferred phone counseling. Virtual counseling meets the needs of the busy person who may travel a great deal or simply embraces technology as a means of everyday life. it has been established as an effective treatment for diagnosis ranging from drepression to agoraphobia. Many clients report it is a great alternative to traditional therapy and love the convenience.