Learn the Science of Relationships


Our goal is to train Marriage and Couples relationship professionals to utilize evidence-based assessment tools that can help them to integrate their other skills into a  concise formate utilizing evidence-based assessments and tools in order to create meaningful relationships. We value:

  • Reliability:  Prepare-Enrich assessments has an over 35 year reliable reputation 
  • Quality: The Charts and Graphs provided by P&E give great visual detail
  • Partnership:  Couples work with facilitators with the focus on improvement
  • Affordable:  Couples receive a snapshot of their relationship in 1 visit
  • Goal-Directed: Each couple receives a roadmap to their better tomorrow


Teaches Couples to invest in one of the most important areas of their lives.  Their Relationship.  Learn what makes relationships last.  Couples will be given a wealth of resources that can be easily tailored to meet the demands of the environment of the facilitator and the couple.