Couples Counseling

Finding the right couples counselor can be a daunting task.  Most couples seek out a Couples Counselor when their relationship has hit a bump in the road and their looking for answers to stop the cycle of conflict.

What is Couples Counseling like?

Couples come to counseling at times on the heal of an argument, dilemma or even worst a fight that got out of control.  Frequently, these couples come to Couples Counseling looking for a referee...not for healing.  Unfortunately, most couples counselors don't own a Black and White stripped shirt or a whistle.  Couples Counselors are skilled, trained professionals with years of research and knowledge learning the psychology of how humans interact, the anatomy of attachment theory, communication synopsis and more.  We won't brake up your fight or decide for you who won.  We're not interested.  A couples counselor will show give you empirical based knowledge about how and why your fights are happening on a deeper level that surprises many couples entering therapy.  Couples Counselors are non-blamming. Nonjudgmental.  Our success with keeping couples together and happy is how we earn our living.  At Douté-Hughes Counseling and Consulting we honor that professionalism and appreciate your business.  All of our counselors have advanced training in working with Couples.  I'm sure your experience will be one that you will be thankful for and the rewards will be worth your investment in time.

Couples Counseling is Effective

Couples Counseling Improves Relationships

Goals of Couples Counseling 

  • At Douté-Hughes we hope to expand and re-organize your emotional response to your partner – the music of the attachment dance.
  • To create change in relational interactions
  • Foster and create new secure bonds between partners
  • Educate partners on new communication skills and tools to enrich conversation
  • Teach partners effective ways to be assertive without causing injury and most of all...
  • Help couples remember why they fell in love in the first place

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