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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state in which individuals become highly responsive to suggestions to their "conscious state". Through hypnosis or hypnotherapy, clients can make breakthroughs with issues they've been struggling with that they couldn't with traditional talk therapy. Hypnosis is not for everyone and every problem, but if you like to be more involved in your own improvement, Hypnotherapy will give you the tools you need to gain great results by teaching you ways to aid in managing your own concerns or issues.

Hypnotherapy is not like what you see on TV or for entertainment purposes. It is a legitimate practice of speaking to the subconscious mind for conscious results.
Hypnosis is an evidence based intervention that can be used for weight loss, smoking cessation, pain management, anxiety, low self esteem and even erectile dysfunction.

Studies have shown a 90.6% Success Rate for Smoking Cessation Using Hypnosis.  Additional data reports show that weigh reduction results doubled when adding hypnosis to the their regimen.  

It's important that you know that being under a hypnotic trance will never yield you to be unaware of your present state. You will always still have the power and control of your mind and body.  
Hypnotherapy practices at DHCC, include an initial consultation to discus your goals,subjectivity tests to determine the best approaches to use for your experience and finally development of personalized scripts tailored to your goals. You will work in tandem with your therapist to determine the number of sessions needed and you will have homework assignments to support the work you do while in session. 
Like any intervention, it's not for everybody but if you are curious, come in and try it and let's discuss your needs and determine the best approaches for you! 

What do we treat with hypnosis?

- Smoking Cessation
- Anxiety
- Weight Loss
- Emotional Blocks-
- Addiction
- Anger issues
- Stress
- Unwanted habits
- Self Esteem

How much does Hypnotherapy cost?

Some insurance companies may not cover Hypnotherapy.  Our standard fee for a Hypnotherapy session is $80 per session.

How many Hypnotherapy sessions will I need?

- This may vary but normally 4-6 sessions. (If traditional therapy is recommended, you will be advised after your first session)

Common Hypnotherapy Myths and Concerns:

- Will I be unconscious? NO, you will be in total control. Hypnotherapy puts the mind in a state I'd like to refer to as daydreaming. If you've ever driven a car or sat in a meeting and after a few minutes wondered how did I get here or how much did I miss...then you know what hypnosis feels like

- Will I have to surrender my will? No, with hypnosis you will be aware of everything happening around you and to you. Perhaps even more so. Hypnosis heightens awareness

- Will I reveal Secrets? No, people have no problem fibbing under hypnosis

- What if I can't be revived? Since you will be the one inducing the trance, you can come out of it anytime you want.

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